Dr. Oetker Paradise Cream Stracciatella

The popular cream, easy to prepare



 30,15 per kg


Dr. Oetker Paradise Cream Stracciatella

Loose, light and creamy

Dr. Oetker Paradies Creme Stracciatella with lots of delicious chocolate chips is a very special treat and pampers the whole family. The Paradise Cream Stracciatella flavor from Dr. Oetker is a real treat for all lovers of stracciatella ice cream. This creamy dessert cream combines the tempting taste of dark chocolate with crunchy chocolate chips. Every spoonful of this cream is like a little slice of heaven.

The paradise cream stracciatella flavor is perfect as a delicious dessert or as a sweet snack in between. You can bring the irresistible taste of stracciatella straight to your home by ordering this product in our online shop for German products.

For a delicious variant of the Dr. Oetker Paradise Creme Stracciatella, you can add a few Amarettini biscuits and some espresso.

Ready in 3 minutes

Just pour it in cold milk, whip it for three minutes and it’s ready to serve!

SALES DESCRIPTION: Cream powder Stracciatella flavor | PACKAGE CONTENTS: 66 g

Additional information

GTIN: 4000521466503
Weight 75 g


Maximum quantity per order

20 pieces

Storage Information

Store in a dry and cool place


Dr. August Oetker Nahrungsmittel KG, Lutterstraße 14, 33617 Bielefeld, Deutschland


Sugar, modified starch, glucose syrup, palm fat, 4.5% chocolate (sugar, cocoa mass, low-fat cocoa powder, cocoa butter, emulsifier (lecithins)), 4.5% chocolate (sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, emulsifier (lecithins)), emulsifier ( E 472b), gelling agent (carrageenan), MILK PROTEIN, salt, flavoring.



Contains milk and milk products (including lactose).

Nutritional values

on average per 100g:

Energy 505kJ / 120kcal
Fat 3.4g
– of which saturated fatty acids 2.4g
Carbohydrates 19g
– of which sugar 16g
Protein 3g
Salt 0.23g