Grafschafter Goldsaft Sugar Beet Syrup 450g

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Grafschafter Goldsaft: The delicious sugar beet syrup

Grafschafter Goldsaft is a popular sugar beet syrup that is available in a 450g cup and can be ordered in our online shop for German groceries. This golden juice is characterized by its distinctive taste and its versatile uses. Ideal as a spread, with waffles and pancakes. It gives pastries and desserts a malty, caramel-like note.

  • Savory and sweet spread.
  • Made 100% from sugar beet.
  • Ideal for cooking and baking and as an accompaniment to potato pancakes.
  • Suitable for vegan nutrition.

What is sugar beet syrup?

Sugar beet syrup, also known as golden juice, is made from the juice of sugar beets. After the juice is thickened and processed, it produces a dark brown, syrupy product with a rich flavor and deep color. Particularly interesting: Sugar beet syrup does not fall under the EU jam regulation, but under German food law and is therefore a fruit product!

Use of Grafschafter Goldsaft

  • Breakfast:  Gold juice is ideal as a spread and adds a sweet touch to your breakfast.
  • Baking: When baking, sugar beet syrup can be used as an alternative to sugar or honey to give pastries a special flavor nuance.
  • Cooking: Gold juice can also be used to sweeten sauces, marinades or desserts and adds an aromatic depth to dishes.

Health Benefits of Sugar Beet Syrup

  • Nutritional: Sugar beet syrup contains iron, calcium and other important minerals.
  • Natural: Compared to artificially produced sweeteners, sugar beet syrup is a natural alternative.

Grafschafter Goldsaft is not only a delicious product, but also a traditional delicacy that is valued in many German households. Discover the versatility and unique taste of this high-quality sugar beet syrup in our online shop!

We also offer Grafschafter Goldsaft in a squeeze bottle with 50 grams more. These bottles are more suitable for shipping because the packaging is more stable and we need less filling material. So if the classical packaging is not that important to you, we recommend the squeeze bottle.


Additional information

GTIN: 4000412010105
Weight 480 g

Maximum quantity per order

10 pieces

Storage Information

Store at room temperature


Grafschafter Krautfabrik, Wormersdorfer Str. 22 – 26, 53340 Meckenheim, Deutschland

Nutritional values

on average per 100g:

Calorific value 1295 kJ / 306 kcal
Fat <0.5 g
– of which saturated fatty acids <0.5 g
Carbohydrates 70 g
– of which sugar 66 g
Dietary fiber 5.0 g
Protein 2.3 g
Salt 0.03 g