Order German products to Ireland

We ship non-perishable food products from Düsseldorf, Germany to Ireland.

We offer many popular foods such as coffee, chocolate, biscuits or side dishes such as pasta and sauerkraut. Order your favorite products from Germany comfortable to your place of residence in Ireland.

Germany has more to offer than just cars and beer – many more products than is commonly believed. You probably know that as well as we do. Pack your package!

Estimated shipping time to Ireland

When ordering, how long does it take for the package to arrive at my home in Ireland?

We and the shipping companies have often managed to complete the whole shipping process within 1 week. But sometimes it took longer, especially in December before Christmas, up to 10 or 11 days (including the weekend of course).

If you consider to order products for an event, we recommend that you order 14 days in advance, to be on the safe side.

Best case shipping = 1 week
Slow shipping = 2 weeks