Order German foods to the UK

Since many people from the United Kingdom would like to order from us, we are now happy to offer shipping.

Order your favorite German products to the UK

We offer you the most popular products from Germany, which are also in demand in the UK.

Our prices are low for an exporter to give you the best value for money. Despite Brexit, people from the UK are among our best customers.

Shipping costs to the UK

Shipping to the United Kingdom is weight based. Up to 5 kg = € 28,95
Between 5 and 10 kg = € 36.95

Our recommendation for a worthwhile order: You can actually order a large number of products up to 5 kg, especially if you choose light products. Mustard in a tube, for example, is lighter than in a jar. Potato chips are very light, as well as the most products from Maggi and Knorr.

Features of shipping

  • Complete shipment tracking with DHL, after your package arrives in the UK, with Royal Mail.
  • So far, we can only accept euros as a means of payment. In the future we are planning to accept GBP.
  • Adjust your order in the shopping cart to make the best use of the weight limits. The more you order, below the weight limits, the cheaper each individual product becomes.
  • Minimum order value: € 20,00.

How long does it take?

About one week.

Since we have to fill out the customs declaration, please give us about 2 working days for clearance. We then hand over your package to DHL, which states 2 to 3 working days as the delivery time. Usually you will receive your package in about 1 week after ordering. Sometimes a little longer due to UK customs.

About UK customs

There may be charges required by UK Customs which are the responsibility of the customer.

Please note that sometimes the package can be held up by customs. Of course, we cannot accept any liability for this.

In our experience so far, customs clearance has always worked well.