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Showing all 2 results

Hela is a German manufacturer of sauces and spices that has been around for over 100 years. The brand is best known for its spice ketchup, which comes in a variety of flavors and is valued for its high quality and distinctive taste.

Some of the most famous Hela products are:

Hela Curry Spice Ketchup: This ketchup has a distinctive flavor created by the addition of selected spices and herbs. It is available in different flavors and goes well with many different dishes.

– Hela Hot Curry Ketchup: This ketchup is slightly hotter than the normal Hela Curry Spice Ketchup and is perfect for those who like it a bit spicier.

Hela Barbecue Sauce: This sauce is ideal for those who like it smoky and spicy. It is perfect for marinating meat and vegetables or as a dip for chips and other snacks.

Hela products can be ordered from Germany to the EU, UK and USA. The brand is known in many countries around the world and is valued for its quality and special taste. Try the different Hela products and enjoy the unique taste of the sauces and spices!