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Showing all 4 results

Hitschler is a German candy manufacturer established in 1931 and known for its colorful and fruity candies. The brand is best known for its Hitschies candies, which come in a variety of flavors and are valued for their unique texture and taste.

Some of the best-known Hitschies products are:

  • Hitschies Original: These are the classic Hitschies sweets, available in different flavors such as apple, lemon, strawberry and orange. They have a soft and grainy texture that brings out the fruitiness of the taste.
  • Hitschies Sour: These Hitschies sweets are slightly more acidic than the original version and are suitable for those who like a little more acidity. They are available in flavors such as lime, lemon and orange.
  • Hitschies Softi: These Hitschies sweets have a softer texture than the original version and are available in flavors such as cola, woodruff and raspberry.

Hitschies sweets can be ordered from Germany to the EU, UK and USA. The brand is known for its quality and taste and has become a real classic over the years. Try out the various Hitschies products and enjoy the unique taste of the fruity and colorful sweets!