Haribo Color-Rado – Maxi Pack 360g

MAXI PACK • Confectionery mix with licorice



 6,92 per kg

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Haribo Color-Rado is a well-known but always unusual mixture: Licorice meets fruit gum. Confectionery, frogs, raspberries – as you know, not everyone likes everything, but there is something for everyone.

Haribo Color-Rado in a 360g Maxi Pack. For comparison: the conventional Haribo Color-Rado bag contains 200g.

MORE: Color-Rado 1 kg PARTY BOX. LESS: Color-Rado 200g Regular package.


Additional information

GTIN: 4001686720660
Weight 380 g
Maximum quantity per order

20 pieces



Haribo GmbH & Co. KG, 53105 Bonn, Deutschland


[ Allergens in capital letters ]

Glucose syrup; Sugar; brown sugar syrup; WHEAT FLOUR ; Dextrose; Gelatin; Strength; MILK SUGAR ; Palm fat; Acidulant: citric acid; Licorice extract (3% based on the licorice content); Desiccated coconut; SKIMMED MILK POWDER ; Fruit juice from fruit juice concentrate: apple, raspberry, strawberry, lemon, orange, pineapple; Aroma; light cocoa powder; Table salt; Fruit and plant concentrates: safflower, apple, carrot, beetroot, spirulina, paprika, sweet potato, elderberry, black currant, lemon, orange, radish, pumpkin, tomato, hibiscus, kiwi, blueberry, aronia, grape, mango, passion fruit; Caramel syrup; Elderberry extract; Gelling agent: agar-agar; Coating agents: beeswax white and yellow, carnauba wax; Release agent: talc; Invert sugar syrup.

Nutritional values

on average per 100 g:

Energy 1518kJ / 358kcal
Fat <2.2g
– of which saturated fatty acids 1.4g
Carbohydrates 79g
– of which sugar 55g
Protein <4.3g
Salt <0.26g