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Händlmaier is a traditional mustard manufacturer from Bavaria that has been producing mustard since 1914. The company is best known for its sweet mustard, which is often served with white sausage and pretzels. Händlmaier only uses high-quality ingredients and produces its mustards according to traditional recipes.

Händlmaier is a family business that is now being run by the fourth generation. The company is headquartered in Ingolstadt, where it produces a large number of different types of mustard, including hot varieties and various herbal mustards.

A special feature of Händlmaier is that the sweet mustard is made without preservatives and therefore tastes particularly fresh and natural. The mustard is made according to artisanal tradition and filled in earthenware pots, which gives it a special aroma and a long shelf life.

Händlmaier mustard is not only very popular in Bavaria, but now also has a large fan base nationwide. It is not only served with white sausage and pretzels, but also with many other dishes and gives them a special flavor.